Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which URL/address can i add in my player to listen to the streams ?
A:128 kbps main stream

or you can use

AAC+ stream 64 kbps

AAC+ stream 32 kbps

Q: How can i be a Deejay on DanceGroove radio ?
A:Want to join the DanceGroove radio team? We asking for an 1Hour Demo with English Presentation and show us your personal 80s funk musical taste , for more info feel free to Contact us.

Q: What if the stream drops?
A:Reconnect your player when you are listening to the broadband stream. If you listen with Winamp, you can put it on "repeat" (the arrow next to "shuffle"), so it will automatically reconnect if the stream drops. Winamp is the recommended player, it has always done the job best...

Q: Can I listen to AAC+ stream with Windows Media Player?
A:Yes you can! Just download the Orban plug-in, install it and Windows Media Player is able to listen to AAC+ streams. Windows 2000 users might have a problem with a missing dll file called gdiplus.dll which can be downloaded here ! Unzip the file and copy the file to the C:\Windows\system directory.

Q: Which player do I need to listen?
A:You can listen with Winamp, VLC Player,Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or Quick Time Player. Those players are recommended by DanceGroove Radio.

Q: How to use the chatroom?
A:You have to login via our website! You have to register yourself typing a nickname and password, however, there are 4 rules. 1: Proper behaviour.(Being polite, friendly, normal language etc.) 2: No file swapping. 3: No advertising. 4: Use English language. If you get caught doing things against our rules then you will be banned immediately! That's all, so......enjoy chatting!

Q: How can I make requests?
A:Requests are welcome through e-mail (see our contact page) You can also drop some requests in our chatroom durning the live shows! Look at the DJ profiles of who is taking requests!!

Q: Streamrippers policy?
A:We have noticed a lot of streamripping going on. Streamrippers take valuable slots from other listeners who are trying to tune in, and streamripping is furthermore not endorsed by shoutcast. We support the following players: Winamp (recommended) Real Player Windows Media Player Quick Time Player or iTunes VLC for Linux Also double log-ins on our Shoutcast servers will be removed! We will now be banning anyone caught ripping the stream!

Q: What about mp3 file swapping?
A:We get a lot of requests to supply mp3's for personal collections. Because of the copyrights it is not allowed for us to do that, we will not supply them in any way! We will not respond to any request for files!